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About ​Georgia In Home Services

Established in 1996, Georgia In Home Services is a licensed, bonded and insured general contractor with an A+ Rating with the BBB for 20 years.

Our home improvement services encompass the remodeling of homes, building new homes, remodeling kitchens, and bathrooms, building beautiful decks, installing new siding, and interior and exterior painting.

Our dedicated roofing division will fix, replace, and install new roofs. We are a GAF Master Elite Roofer - a designation only 2% of roofers in North America receive.
We have more than 23 years of professional experience, with teams in place to bring happiness to your home sweet home.

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New Home

If you have a vision for the ideal home and want to put ideas into a plan, Georgia In Home Services can help bring it to life. We have experience building new homes in the Atlanta area and can meet with you to discuss the site and architectural plans, project management through to completion.

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51 reviews
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Laura Ventimiglia

4 reviews
a month ago

When you finally decide to do your project, you know it is as good as done. Danny is quick, effective and does not finish till you are satisfied. He is excellent at communications and sticks to his quote. He did a fantastic job on a difficult large process. He was patient when I was the one holding him up. I am very happy with his work and strongly recommend him for your roofing and general contracting needs.

Steve Paul

4 reviews
2 months ago

Had Danny the owner come out and meet with my adjuster, took all the work out of the process for me. I had heard of sooooo many bad experiences with contractors and he came recommended so I took the chance, so glad I did. The new roof was on in no time and with my busy schedule I had no time to coordinate the adjuster and the paperwork, and follow up paperwork. The experience was completely seamless and recommended him to to friends and they had a similar experience I did. Will use Ga Inhomeservices for all my home needs in the future. I would encourage anyone to use their services.

Diana Jurich

1 review
2 months ago

Both Danny and Georgia In Homes Services are phenomenal! They replaced my entire roof in one day, as well as dry wall repair and paint inside due to a roof leak. They arrived promptly, were diligent, and did a thorough job cleaning up. Danny worked with my insurance company and always answered his phone. I am a real estate agent and would definitely recommend Georgia In Home Services to my clients.

Alexander Roitman

1 review
3 months ago

I am very pleased with the service from everyone with whom I made contact. Excellent service from all of them. The only reason I cannot say that I am completely satisfied in all aspects is because I did not climb up on my roof to see its condition before it was replaced. I do not believe that it's a reasonable expectation for customers to climb up on the roof of their home for obvious reasons. If I could have seen the details of the condition of my roof BEFORE and AFTER , then I could say I am 100%% satisfied. Please look into a good way to show customers the current condition of their roof and also the condition after the work is complete.
Besides this comment Im super happy with service provided and will recommend this company to everyone.

Eric Hoell

2 reviews
3 months ago

Danny and is team are excellent. They are very easy to work with, performed the services with high quality, and got the work done with lightning speed. I'm using them for more services in the future.

Yunhan Gwo

2 reviews
3 months ago

We are very satisfied with this company for the following reasons. First, they are very professional in meeting customer's needs which includes prompt inspection of the damage, securing insurance claim, and being at the site with insurance …More

Manoj Das

1 review
3 months ago

Georgia In Home Services is a thoroughly professional, no-nonsense company led by Danny Diulus and supported by a team of skilled and diligent professionals.

I entrusted Danny with a new roof replacement project. He came in (very respectful of my time) and explained the ins and outs of the process, provided all the information I needed as well as provided a few additional details that were very helpful for me in making a decision.

This was followed by the inspection process where Danny's capable staff came in and helped answer all of the insurance adjustors queries.

Post inspection, the crew arrived nice and early in the morning as scheduled and went about their work in an orderly and efficient manner. They not only completed the whole roof replacement by late afternoon but also meticulously cleaned up after them leaving behind a very happy customer.

Danny never called after that when I was awaiting the check payouts from the insurance company and then the endorsement process from my mortgage lending institution. The checks came back and he came by to collect his check after receiving intimation.

That's it folks. It is very hard to earn trust and Georgia In Home Services leave no stone unturned to earn it.

Samuel Weber

1 review
3 months ago

Working with Danny was amazing and pain free. His crew was great and polite and completed the job in a timely manner. I would definitely use him again if there was ever a need. Very happy with the outcome.

Marc Hodges

1 review
3 months ago

Danny and his staff both friendly and knowledgeable. Great job on my roof and I would highly recommend them for any roof project

Mariann Hefner

1 review
3 months ago

The team at Georgia In Home Service were very professional. The service level exceeded my expectation. I would highly recommend.

Read more reviews here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find some answers to common questions regarding your home repair and restoration, particularly regarding the insurance claims process. You will also find common roofing definitions.

Is my roof damaged? Without physically getting on the roof, it is difficult to know if you have had hail or wind damage (rarely visible from the ground). If you are not sure whether or not you have sustained damage, contact Danny at GA In Home Services for a FREE, no obligation inspection and/or estimate. Some insurance companies have strict timelines for you to file a claim (six months with some carriers). The age of your roof does not matter.

In order to properly file insurance claim on your roof, be sure to take the following steps:

  1. Note the date of loss (date of storm).
  2. Avoid storm chasers (out of town roofers)!
  3. Get an Estimate from a local expert:

    Danny Diulus

    Georgia In Home Services




Here you will find answers to common questions regarding your home repair and restoration, particularly regarding the insurance claims process. You will also find standard roofing definitions.

Without physically getting on the roof, it is difficult to know if you have had hail or wind damage (rarely visible from the ground). If you are not sure whether or not you have sustained damage, contact Danny at Georgia In Home Services for a FREE, no-obligation inspection and estimate. Some insurance companies have strict timelines for you to file a claim (six months with some carriers).

To properly file an insurance claim on your roof, be sure to take the following steps:

  1. Note the date of loss (date of storm).
  2. Avoid storm chasers (out of town roofers)!
  3. Get an Estimate from a local expert:

    Danny Diulus

    Georgia In Home Services



Tips for filing a claim:

Check to make sure the roofing company you choose is licensed and insured.

Have the contractor meet with your insurance adjuster to ensure that the insurance company will cover the total cost of repairing or replacing your roof. If you don’t get the full amount needed to fix your property, ask your contractor to get involved with your insurance adjuster to fight on your behalf for a fair settlement.

That is not true at all. You can use the contractor of your choice. Pick the best contractor you can and pay only your deductible!

If your policy provides replacement cost coverage, the loss settlement conditions state that the replacement cost is paid only after repairs are completed and that money has been spent towards the repairs.

In most situations, under the terms of your insurance policy contract, any loss payable for damage to your building may be paid to both you and your mortgagee, as both have an insurable interest in the home. Your insurance company cannot remove the mortgagee from your check without written permission. To endorse the check, contact your mortgage company, and they will guide you through their procedures to endorse insurance checks.

Select a contractor you are comfortable with and trust. Georgia In Home Services will provide you not only with customer references but also with suppliers. Call our previous customers to see how pleased they were with our services. Check with our suppliers and ask them if we pay on time. You should check any contractor's references and professional organizations they belong to. Remember to present a copy of your insurance estimate to your contractor.

In most cases, your contractor will work off this estimate. If there is any discrepancy between your insurance company's recommended scope and your contractor's recommended scope, get your insurance company's approval to work with your contractor to negotiate and settle on a scope of work before commencing any repairs. This also ensures you are following the scope of your insurance company to make sure you qualify for the recoverable depreciation upon final billing.

Your insurance company's adjuster may have missed some items or may not have the most current market pricing on items. Most differences between estimates can be settled over the phone between your adjuster and your contractor. Additional damages are often found in insurance claims.

You do not have to get three estimates. You have the right to choose whichever contractor you are most comfortable with and who you believe will do the best work. Use who you want to use! Your insurance company may be trying to get you to accept the lowest bid to do the work instead of who you feel is the best contractor to do the job.

Remember, your deductible stays the same, whether you use a qualified contractor or a low bidder. Go with quality, and don't cut corners on your roof.

If you have any questions or need help with your insurance claim, contact us today and speak with Danny, our Claim Specialist.

With Georgia In Home Services, you will get top-of-the-line products installed on your home and superior craftsmanship, have the peace of mind that our quality control managers will inspect the installation process. You will get 1st class service all for the price of your deductible.

We are here to assist you 24/7, so call Danny at 404-434-2436 for any roofing emergency.

Roofing Definitions

CHIMNEY BASE FLASHING: A corrosion-resistant sheet metal installed at the base of a chimney to prevent leaks.

EAVES: The lower border of a roof that overhangs the wall.

FASCIA: The vertical board at the eaves, oftentimes covered with vinyl or aluminum.

HORIZONTAL SIDING: Provides style and functionality. Available in various materials, colors, textures and designs.

HOUSEWRAP: Material designed to allow moisture to escape and to prevent air from coming in.

LOOKOUT: A horizontally positioned board used to brace the trusses of a roof (also see 13.)

RAKE: The outer edge of a roof from the eave to the ridge.

RIDGE BEAM: The top support beam between opposite slopes or sides of a roof.

RIDGE SHINGLES: Shingles used to cover the horizontal external angle formed by the intersection of two sloping roof planes.

DRIP EDGE: A narrow strip of non-corrosive, non-staining, finishing material installed along the eaves and rakes to allow water run-off to drip clear of underlying construction. On eaves where gutters are present, this material is commonly called gutter apron.

ROOF SHEATHING (boards): The structural base of a roof. Also called the roof deck, or decking.

ROOF SHEATHING (plywood): The structural base of a roof. Also called the roof deck, or decking.

ROOF TRUSS (rafters): The framework that supports a roof.

SHINGLE SIDING: A siding option typically manufactured from red cedar, which weathers to a silvery gray or medium brown, depending on local climate; and white cedar, which weathers to a silvery gray.

SHINGLES: The outermost covering of a roof. Composition shingles are manufacured from materials “composed” of fiberglass, modified asphalt and mineral granules. Wood shingles and shakes (shakes are split rather than sawn) are made from western red cedar. Other roofing options include clay and concrete tiles, slate, metal, mineral roll roofing, and tar and gravel.

SOFFIT: The finished underside of the eaves. Soffit panels are available in wood, vinyl and aluminum.

STEP FLASHING: A corrosion-resistant sheet metal used to waterproof the angle between a chimney, skylight, dormer, etc. and a sloping roof.

UNDERLAYMENT: An asphalt-impregnated felt laid under most roofing materials as a secondary water barrier. Felt is classified by weight per “square,” (100 sq. ft.) usually 15 or 30-pound. Underlayment is also called tar paper or felt.

VALLEY: The intersection of two sloping roofs joining at an angle to provide water runoff.

VALLEY FLASHING: Made from aluminum or galvanized steel, this additional water barrier is installed after the roof and valley have been covered with underlayment.

VENT FLASHING: A flat piece of pre-cut sheet metal installed on top of the underlayment to prevent leaks from occurring where roof vents are present.

VERTICAL PANEL SIDING: Plain, patterned, or grooved panels of plywood or hardboard that provide style and functionality.

WALL SHEATHING: The first covering of boards on the outside wall of a frame house.

WALL STUD: An upright piece of wood used to frame a house and support the walls of the structure.

We hope this information has proven helpful.

Danny Diulus
Georgia In Home Services

In many cases, you will need to contact your agent directly, but the numbers listed below will allow you to gather more information regarding your claim.

  • AIG Insurance Co.
    (800) 433-8880
  • Allied Mutual Insurance Co.
    (800) 282-9445
  • Allstate Insurance Co.
    (800) 386-6126
  • American Employers Insurance Co.
    (800) 284-6730
  • American Family Mutual Insurance Co.
    (800) 374-1111
  • American Home Assurance Co.
    (800) 562-2208
  • American International Ins Co.
    (800) 562-2208
  • American States Insurance Co.
    (888) 557-5010
  • Anthem Casualty Insurance Co.
    (800) 537-5568
  • Arbella Mutual Insurance Co.
    (800) 972-5348
  • Arkwright Mutual Insurance Co.
    (781) 890-9300
  • Atlanta Casualty Co.
    (770) 447-8930
  • Atlantic Mutual Insurance Co.
    (800) 945-7461
  • Auto Club of Southern California Interinsurance Exchange
    (800) 67CLAIM
    Auto-Owners Insurance Co.
    (517) 323-1365
  • Berkshire Mutual Insurance Co.
    (800) 892-8877
  • Birmingham Fire Insurance of PA
    (877) 366-8423
  • Buckeye Union Insurance Co.
    (312) 822-5000
  • California State Auto Assn. Inter-Ins
    (800) 922-8228
  • Camden Fire Insurance Assn.
    (888) 421-2111
  • CIGNA Property & Casualty Ins Co.
    (215) 761-1000
  • Cincinnati Insurance Co.
    Call your agent
    Citizens Insurance Co. of America
    (800) 628-0250
  • Colonial Penn Insurance Co.
    (800) 523-4040
  • Commerce & Industry Insurance Co.
    (877) 366-8423
  • Commerce Insurance Co.
    (800) 221-1605
  • Commercial Union Insurance Co.
    (800) 284-6730
  • Continental Casualty Co.
    (312) 822-5000
  • Continental Insurance Co.
    (312) 822-5000
  • Coregis Insurance Co.
    (312) 849-5000
  • Country Companies Insurance Group
    (800) 846-0100
  • CUMIS Insurance Society Inc
    (800) 637-2676
  • Dairyland Insurance Co.
    (715) 346-9200
  • Deerbrook Insurance Co.
    (800) 253-6611
  • Explorer Insurance Co.
    (800) 788-8984
  • Farmers Insurance Group of Cos.
    (888) 516-5656
  • Fidelity & Deposit Co. of MD
    (800) 854-6011
  • Fire Insurance Exchange
    (888) 516-5656
  • Firemens Insurance Co. of Newark NJ
    (312) 822-5000
  • Foremost Insurance Co.
    (800) 527-3907
  • Fortune Insurance Co.
    (800) 933-8585
  • GEICO Indemnity Co.
    (800) 841-3000
  • General Accident Ins. Co. of America (CGU)
    (888) 421-2111
  • General Casualty of WI
    (888) 737-8256
  • General Insurance Co. of America
    (206) 545-5841
  • Georgia Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Co.
    (912) 474-8411
  • Government Employees Insurance Co.
    (800) 841-3000
  • Grange Mutual Casualty Co.
    (800) 445-3030
  • Great American Insurance Co.
    (800) 724-7722
  • Great West Casualty Co.
    (800) 228-8040
  • Hanover Insurance Co.
    (508) 855-8000
  • Harleysville Insurance Cos.
    (800) 892-8877
  • Hartford Accident & Indemnity Co.
    (800) 243-5860
  • Hartford Casualty Insurance Co.
    (800) 243-5860
  • Hartford Fire Insurance Co.
    (800) 243-5860
  • Horace Mann Insurance Co.
    (800) 999-1030
  • Infinity Southern Insurance Co.
    (800) 334-1661
  • Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance
    (888) 392-5246
  • Insurance Co. of North America
    (215) 761-1000
  • Integon National Insurance Co.
    (800) 468-3466
  • Interinsurance Exchange Auto Club So.
    (714) 850-5111
  • John Deere Insurance Co.
    (800) 635-3377
  • Kemper Auto and Home
    Kentucky Farm Bureau Mutual Ins. Co.
    Call your agent
    Lexington Insurance Co.
    (877) 366-8423
  • Liberty Insurance Corp.
    (800) 526-1547
  • Liberty Mutual Fire Insurance Co.
    (800) 526-1547
  • Liberty Mutual Insurance Co.
    (800) 526-1547
  • Medical Liability Mutual Ins Co.
    (212) 576-9850
  • Metropolitan Property & Casualty Co.
    (800) 854-6011
  • Mid-Century Insurance Co.
    (888) 516-5656
  • Motors Insurance Corp.
    (313) 556-4632
  • National Fire Ins. Co. of Hartford
    (312) 822-5000
  • National Indemnity Co
    (402) 536-3000
  • Nationwide Mutual Fire Insurance Co.
    (800) 421-3535
  • Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co.
    (800) 421-3535
  • New Hampshire Insurance Co.
    (877) 366-8423
  • New Jersey Manufacturers Ins. Co.
    (609) 883-1300
  • New York Casualty Insurance Co.
    (800) 892-8877
  • North Carolina Farm Bureau Mutual Ins.
    (919) 782-1705
  • North River Insurance Co.
    (800) 284-6730
  • Northern Assurance Co. of America
    (617) 725-7033
  • Occidental Fire & Casualty Insurance Co.
    (800) 525-7486
  • Ohio Casualty Insurance Co.
    (513) 867-3000
  • Oklahoma Farmers Union Mutual Insurance Co.
    (800) 364-1511
  • Omni Insurance Co.
    (800) 727-OMNI
    Pacific Employers Insurance Co.
    (215) 761-1000
  • Phoenix Insurance Co.
    (800) 252-4633
  • Preferred Risk Mutual Insurance Co.
    (515) 267-5299
  • Progressive Casualty Insurance Co.
    (800) 274-4499
  • Progressive Northern Insurance Co.
    (800) 274-4499
  • Progressive Northwestern Ins. Co.
    (800) 274-4499
  • Progressive Specialty Insurance Co.
    (800) 274-4499
  • Protection Mutual Insurance Co.
    (847) 825-4474
  • Reliance Insurance Co.
    (215) 761-1000
  • Republic Underwriters Insurance Co.
    (214) 559-1270
  • Rockingham Mutual Insurance Co.
    (800) 662-5246
  • Royal Insurance Co. of America
    (800) 847-6925
  • Safeco Insurance
    (800) 332 3226
  • Scottsdale Insurance Co.
    (480) 948-0505
  • Selective Insurance Co. of America
    (973) 948-2900
  • Sentry Insurance a Mutual Co.
    (715) 346-9200
  • Shelter Mutual Insurance Co.
    (800) SHELTER
    Southern United Fire Insurance Co.
    (800) 851-9476
  • Standard Fire Insurance Co.
    (800) 252-4633
  • State Farm Fire & Casualty Co.
    Call your agent
    State Farm Indemnity Co.
    Call your agent
    State Farm Lloyds
    Call your agent
    State Farm Mutual Automobile Ins. Co.
    Call your agent
    (860) 277-0111
  • Trinity Universal Insurance Co.
    (214) 360-8039
  • Twentieth Century Insurance Co.
    (800) 211-7283
  • United Services Automobile Assn.
    (800) 531-8222
  • United States Fire Insurance Co.
    (800) 690-5520
  • USAA Casualty Insurance Co.
    (800) 531-8222
  • Utica Mutual Insurance Co.
    (800) 695-1914
  • Vesta Fire Insurance Corp.
    (800) 444-3928
  • Westfield Insurance Co.
    (800) 443-3311
  • Windsor Group
    (800) 852-8220
  • Worcester Insurance Co.
    (800) 892-8877
  • Zenith Insurance Co.
    (800) 440-5020
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Atlanta, GA 30324

Phone: 404-434-2436

Email: info@georgiainhomeservices.com

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  • IICRC Certified Water & Fire Restoration Company
  • BBB accredited business with A+ rating for 14 years
  • Master Elite Roofer with GAF
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