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May 11, 2023

Dirty Shower Floor Tile - We've Got You!

A bathroom should be a tranquil space. If your bathroom is not up to your standards, don't settle for a bland rehash. Get in gear because we're about to help you make a splash.  

Our Shower Floor Tips

The design in a bathroom must have balance. To create balance, you must create contrast. Contrast is a characteristic that makes a design pop. For example, if you have a small shower, you can create contrast by incorporating large tiles against it on the walls. This design aspect will create a wonderful illustration for a good reason. Large tiles have fewer grout lines, and this effect makes a wall appear as if it's one unified surface area.

If your top priority is safety, we recommend small floor tiles with plenty of grout lines. In this scenario, the grout lines will serve as a source of traction. Grout is able to produce traction because it's a gritty substance, so if you have enough of it, you'll less likely slip and fall.

Having plenty of grout is not the only way to stay safe in a shower. Although it helps, proper safety starts with proper tiles. When it comes to safe tiles, we highly recommend porcelain or natural stone tiles with a slip-resistant coating. Avoid glass tiles and glazed tiles as they can become quite slippery after a long shower.

Speaking of grout, there are a few options to choose from. However, if you pick the wrong color, this could lead to more maintenance. If frequent maintenance is a concern, we recommend a dark-colored grout. A dark grout will hide dirt and grime better than a light grout, so you will not have to clean it very often.

Your Options for Durable Shower Floor Tiles

The ultimate goal is to build a bathroom that will last for decades. To achieve this, you'll need to invest in high-quality tiles. There are two tiles that fit this mold. Our top picks are natural stone tiles and porcelain tiles. In the stone category, you can't go wrong with marble, limestone, or granite. Porcelain is heavier than stone, so it's a more durable material.

Taking Action 

If you're ready to treat your feet with an offer that can't be beat, contact us today for a free estimate.

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