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June 5, 2023

Embracing Wicker Furnishings and Fixtures in Your Home's Decor

While remodeling or renovating your home, embrace wicker furnishings and fixtures crafted from natural materials, such as rattan or seagrass. These designs work well as furnishings or décor accents. Wicker rattan appears as an element in Bohemian, Scandinavian and beach decorating themes, offering versatility in an ecologically safe material.

The Versatility of Wicker Products Using Rattan

Rattan wicker pieces offer Southern sophistication and rustic charm. You can find natural materials used in the wicker weaving process to create:

  • Furniture
  • Shades or blinds
  • Lampshades
  • Baskets
  • Wall hangings

If you love crafting, utilize one of the latest light fixture trends and turn a basket or group of wall hangings into wicker basket light fixtures for overhead lights, lamps or wall sconces. Basket-style wicker pieces offer numerous woven designs, their diversity providing an option for every room and outdoor light fixtures for patios, decks and outdoor kitchens.

Seagrass and rattan light shades offer a range of patterns in a low-cost material. Machine-made options cost less, but even hand-crafted rattan décor elements cost less than many other materials that lend sophistication. Many decorators think of rattan as ideal for coastal designs, but it offers a natural element that jibes well with minimalist décor.


The Wicker Weaving Process

The wicker process uses plant matter, such as rattan, reed, bamboo, cane and seagrass. Unlike wood furniture, wicker made from these natural materials requires no trees. The most common materials used in the wicker process belong to the grass family. Although it weighs little, the wicker weaving process creates strong bonds resulting in sturdy, long-lasting furnishings and objects d'art.

Ideal for Indoor and Outdoor Furniture

At Georgia In-Home Services, we offer the Atlanta, Georgia metropolitan area a bevy of services ranging from remodeling and renovation to roofing and deck construction. We've noticed that wicker furniture and design elements work fabulously indoors and outdoors.

The wicker process creates such sturdy furniture that it works in living rooms and dining rooms that undergo everyday use. The versatility of woven patterns results in designs that complement many decorating themes. Like wood, you can paint wicker furniture, so it can match any paint scheme.

As outdoor furniture, wicker's composition from naturally growing grasses offers inherent waterproofing. Rattan, bamboo, cane, reed and seagrass all resist mold and mildew. This means they keep well in outdoor situations, holding up admirably to the elements.

Contact Us to Remake Your Home

Whether you want a deck to enjoy in the summertime or to add a sunroom, contact Georgia In-Home Services. We'll build to your specifications and offer tips on home improvement trends, like embracing the resurgence of wicker furniture.

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