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March 13, 2023

Kitchen and Living Area Remodel

If you need great ideas for a renovation, you can't go wrong. Get in gear because it's time to learn how to set a new tone in your home.

The Kitchen 

When it comes to kitchen renovations, the trends matter. If you go with the latest trends, your kitchen will have a modern look that you and your guests will appreciate.  

In order to follow the latest trends, you'll need to do research on social media. However, if you just need some timeless renovation ideas, nothing beats:

  • Classic design materials 
  • Butcherblock countertops
  • Dual islands
  • Painted cabinets

Beyond the trends, the second most important thing that you must consider during a kitchen renovation is the layout. There are many ways to redesign the layout in a kitchen. Some layouts are basic and modern, and others are tactical and more functional.  

The process of changing the layout in a kitchen is not easy. It will require time, dedication, willpower, and access to proper resources. If you're willing to move forward, we have a few recommendations for a modern kitchen layout.

Our first recommendation is an L-shaped layout: This layout is great for a large or a small kitchen. It requires two groups of cabinets. To achieve this look, you must align the cabinets in a perpendicular manner.

Up next is a one-wall layout. This type of layout is ideal for a compact kitchen. It's easy to pull off this design. You'll need to align all of your cabinets and appliances against a single wall. 

The last option is a U-shape layout. It's the best layout for a large kitchen because it makes the cabinets a focal point. To create this layout, align your cabinets against the walls in the shape of a U in your kitchen.

The Living Area

Technically, the living area should have a theme because a good theme will set the mood. If you need some ideas, here are a few modern themes to consider:

  • Balanced and causal
  • Formal and balanced
  • Comfortable and sleek
  • Modern and rustic 

If you're ready to renovate your home's design scheme, visit www.georgiainhomeservices.com and hire our professional service team.

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