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June 1, 2024

Why Keeping the Job Site Clean is Essential.

Keeping a residential build site clean is often overlooked, but it is crucial for safety, efficiency, and homeowner satisfaction. Here's why it matters and how a general contractor can effectively maintain a tidy job site.

A cluttered job site can be hazardous, with loose debris, tools, and materials causing potential trips, falls, and other accidents. A clean site reduces risks, ensuring a safer environment for workers and visitors. An organized site improves workflow, as laborers can now easily find tools and materials, increasing productivity. It also allows for smoother inspections from the city.

Homeowners often visit the site to check progress. A clean, organized site demonstrates professionalism and diligence. At Georgia In Home Services, we are super focused on the disposal and recycling of our building waste because we are committed to environmental sustainability.

To keep our sites neat and tidy, we have a daily clean-up protocol, where tasks are assigned to team members, from sweeping dust, organizing tools, to removing debris. In addition to the big, exterior placed dumpster, we also place clearly labeled bins in and around the site.

The Dumpsters on site are hauled away and replaced monthly. We started to notice that the neighbors around our construction sites were dumping their trash in our dumpsters, so we placed a camera at the dumpster to stop this happening, along with a sign that said, "We are Watching You!" As a general contracting company, we get billed extra if the hauled away dumpster weighs more than its size is designated to hold. The dumpster contents should be all our trash, and not the neighborhoods!

Depending on the duration of the home improvement project or new build, we will hire a professional clean-up crew a few times to manage the heavy-duty cleaning.

All inventory purchased for the project, from plumbing fixtures to light fittings, is kept safe in our warehouse, and delivered to site when we are ready for installation. We store materials off the ground on pallets and cover them with tarps to further protect.

By prioritizing an organized and tidy site, we have a safer, more efficient, and professional construction site. The benefits extend beyond the immediate work environment, fostering better relationships with our customers, and leading to successful project completion.

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